About us

Netixis is a Belgian IT services company created in January 2007 and active in Western Europe.

Netixis’ mission is to provide SMEs with efficient, reliable and high-performance IT solutions so that IT can be a tool for business success without ever becoming its brake. Our approach is, therefore, identical to what an internal IT department would do. Our team is in charge of advising you and then providing you with the IT tools you need while respecting your budgetary requirements. Whatever your situation, we can assess it and then recommend you on areas for improvement that will allow you to rely on IT to be more efficient.

Over the years, Netixis has forged privileged partnerships with several hardware and software manufacturers such as Microsoft, HP, HPE, Trend Micro or WatchGuard, for example. These have given us numerous certifications aimed at recognising the expertise we have developed in their products.

Finally, our team includes a Microsoft licensing expert. He can help you optimise your purchases or help you during an audit. Microsoft also regularly asks him to train its partners and employees in Europe and the Maghreb.


The Netixis team is very committed to the values ​​of the company; these values ​​are as follows:

Excellence, rigor, prudence, responsibility and flexibility.

We have chosen them because they summarise our working philosophy and because they are, for us, closely linked to our business.

Netixis seeks excellence in the quality of the service provided and in the quality of the equipment provided to you. Although this term may have an elitist connotation, for us it embodies this desire to offer you the best solution for your particular situation. This desire for excellence has led us to restrict the choice of brands and products that we offer. We can thus provide you with products which have proven their quality and reliability, which meet the needs of today’s professionals and which we master at the fingertips; this last point allowing us to be even more responsive.

Alongside the products, we also want to offer you excellence in terms of service; this requires rigour, prudence and responsibility. Today, the IT system is often a central point of your activities, and the slightest breakdown or unavailability can have severe consequences for the smooth running of your business. Our team, therefore, fully understands the responsibility it has in the excellent management of your IT equipment. We act with rigour and prudence to offer you the most stable system possible.

Finally, we are an SME that caters to SMEs, so flexibility is evident. Whether it is in terms of service or availability, you will not fail to notice that our collaborators bend over backwards to meet your requirements.

These values ​​represent our working philosophy, we have chosen them for us but also to bring you complete satisfaction.

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